What Makes Junkluggers Culture So Special?

Rewarding franchise opportunity with The Junkluggers

Every company has a culture. Some define them carefully, some stumble into them accidentally.

While we have expectations and standards of excellence, we also believe in our franchisees as individuals, and support the valuable perspectives they bring to the table. Listening and evolving are a vital part of our company culture, and we can’t do that without close, respectful relationships with our franchisees.

Started by Millennials and run by an ever growing multi-generational executive team that has top-notch education and real-world business success, Junkluggers is poised for continued growth in the marketplace because it’s a small enough company to be nimble and responsive to market trends, and large enough to develop brand awareness and create positive buzz. We’ve purposefully aligned our culture to prevent Junkluggers from becoming a megalith; the kind of company where the CEO is unreachable and growth stagnates because new ideas are suffocated.

At Junkluggers we also practice what we preach. When we say we’re an environmental company, we mean it: unlike other junk hauling franchises, our commitment to keeping waste out of landfills is real and not simply a marketing tactic.

Another important part of Junkluggers culture is our commitment to making sure a Junkluggers franchise is a good fit for our candidates. We only commit to franchisees who are a good match for our company culture, because we know hardworking, community minded individuals who want to be part of a vibrant, growing company will make the entire company stronger.

To truly understand what makes Junkluggers culture special, you should experience it firsthand. Come to a discovery day, meet with our executive staff and sit down with our CEO and founder Josh Cohen. Get a feel for what it’s like to be part of our team, and we’re betting you’ll like what you find.