Why The Junkluggers Brand Sticks in Your Mind

There’s no denying that our bright neon green trucks catch the eye and stick in the mind long after they’ve driven by. But not only are the trucks memorable, our Junkluggers green immediately brings to mind our eco-friendly & GREEN mission to save the planet one piece of junk at a time. Our commitment to the environment is something we are incredibly proud of and something that sets us apart from our competition. We pride ourselves on keeping as much out of the landfill as possible and making a positive impact on our communities through donations to local charities. Many of our franchisees even keep running lists of each and every item they have saved from a landfill as a point of pride.

The Junkluggers is a brand to be remembered! Our logo is fun and playful and our look is light and eco-friendly. Our bright green trucks also act as mobile billboards for the brand. In fact, on average 10% of our new business each month comes from people who have seen our trucks either on the road driving or parked in strategic, high-traffic areas.

Your luggers are your brand ambassadors

The single most important aspect of our brand, however, is the people that make our company what it is. From our luggers who are on the ground each and every day acting as brand ambassadors through their stellar service to our friendly and professional call center representatives who are often the first point of contact our customers interact with at The Junkluggers, we are incredibly proud of our entire team. Company culture is extremely important to us and we strive to work with like-minded individuals who care about the environment and are genuinely interested in helping those in their community.

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