Junk Removal Software Experts

We have spent many years building and perfecting the ideal companion software to everyday junk removal operations. Our Junktech software will assist you in everything from managing and scheduling jobs to running payroll to tracking your marketing efforts.

Accessible From Anywhere

Our cloud based software allows you to log on wherever there is an internet connection, including from your phone with our mobile app. The app is essential to daily operations and allows your luggers to manage their schedules, read job details before they arrive on site, provide customers with a written estimate and then process payment with a credit card reader once the job is complete.

Every step of the process is tied together seamlessly through the software, starting with booking the job all the way through to payment and the automatic email the customer receives with their receipt and a request for feedback on our services.

Ongoing Support

Though our software system is very stable, in the off chance that there is a glitch in the system that you need assistance with, you can rest easy knowing you will have a dedicated contact person for any and all software related issues.

Custom Reporting

The software also comes with a number of built in reports that you can run to gather up to the minute information. From tracking your most successful marketing campaigns to keeping an eye on your dump fees, these reports will aid you in managing daily operations, compiling financial projections, creating marketing plans, and much much more.

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