A Day in the Life of a Junkluggers Business Owner

It’s difficult to describe an average day for a Junkluggers franchisee because no two days are alike. Doesn’t that sound refreshing? Challenge and variety are huge benefits to owning a Junkluggers franchise. They’re aspects of ownership our franchisees list as top reasons they love being part of our organization.

Be your own boss as a Junkluggers franchisee

Does Your Day Job Seem to Drag On? Not at The Junkluggers!

What kind of job do you have? Do the minutes seem drag by while your boss fiddles around trying to get a slideshare presentation on Internet security working? If your days aren’t exciting and full of variety and challenge, you’re in the wrong line of work.

No corner office, job title, or health insurance package can make up for soul-sucking meetings, office politics, a disrespectful boss, or work that makes you feel empty and exhausted at the end of every day.

Junkluggers work is high energy and meant for individuals who thrive on the camaraderie of building and interacting with a supportive team. While working closely with others, you’ll also spend your days making independent decisions to grow your business (no more, micromanaging supervisors breathing down your neck!), all with the support and guidance of our ace corporate team whenever you need us.

The hours fly by during a Junkluggers work day because there’s always a variety of tasks to accomplish. Because you’re the boss, everything you do has a purpose: This leads to a tremendous sense of accomplishment lacking with most jobs. Hire a new employee? Check! Solve a customer’s request for a rush job? Check, Check!

Are all the tasks in a franchisee’s day glamorous and fun? Of course not! But when you see your bright green Junkluggers truck leave for the day’s jobs, knowing your team will help countless community members get work done quickly and professionally, you’ll have the tremendous sense of pride that comes only with owning and growing a business and team.

Wake up early and check the day’s jobs, ensuring you’ve got the right staff to cover your jobs. Make a quick Starbucks run, and read the latest positive reviews on Yelp from a delighted customer who couldn’t have moved her mother into assisted living without you. Plan lunch with a local real estate office, schedule a conference call with corporate to learn more about new social media marketing efforts, and decide which little league team you’ll be sponsoring this year.

There are jobs to schedule, customers to call, employees to train, and accounts to manage. Each day is a little different than the last, and when your head finally hits the pillow, there’s no gnawing sense of dread at having to face your unreasonable boss, or thoughts of calling in sick just so you don’t have to spend another eight hours in the office. No, you’re a business owner and a Junklugger franchisee now. Your head hits the pillow and you say to yourself, “I get to do this again tomorrow!”