There are two main types of competition, “Man with a Van” type services and other established franchise systems. The rebuttal against these smaller operations is simple, with a Junkluggers franchise you are investing in an established system based on a proven, professional model. Our luggers are background-checked, uniformed and from the first call with our Customer Loyalty Center, our customers can trust who they will be letting into their homes. You’ll also be leveraging our years of experience in all phases of branding, operations, training, marketing, and much more.

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man with a van vs Junkluggers

As for the more professional franchised competition, we don’t believe that you have to be the first in the market to be the best. For example, nobody is greener than us! Just take a look at our trucks! We believe that we take more pride in recycling and donating than anyone and we have tons of customers that would agree.

More good news! We are just beginning our expansion from the northeast so we have plenty of prime, money-making territories available around the country. The demand for our service is so high that we have consistently shown double digit year over year growth even in territories where several of our largest competitors are also operating. This alone proves the size of the market.

3-bedroom apartments’ worth of furniture donated in first 11 months of operation
0 tons
of junk saved from the landfill in 2015!

Many of our top competitors advertise an eco-friendly service, but The Junkluggers has a genuine passion for the eco-friendly and donation side of the business that is unmatched by our competition. Many of our franchisees diligently track down to the very item what they are able to donate or keep out of the landfill each year. We take protecting our planet seriously and we are looking for like-minded candidates to embrace this side of the business. After operating for only 11 months, one of our franchisee donated enough furniture to furnish 27 3-bedroom homes and another recycled 30 tons of junk last year alone (that’s equal to the weight of 20 rhinos!)

Not only is operating an eco-friendly business good for the planet, it is also good for your bottom line. The more you recycle and donate, the lower your dump fees are, and the more profitable your business will be.

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