The Junk Removal Industry

In industry reports, junk removal is often considered under the larger umbrella of waste management, which as a whole is a $47 billion industry. Junk removal on its own is $1.4 billion dollar industry, showing annual growth projections of 5% through 2020.

By our own experience having been in the industry since 2004, we’ve seen that junk removal is recession proof. People are always accumulating more and more stuff each year and eventually all of those items will need to be removed from those residential and commercial spaces either due to downsizing, moving, or simply making room for new stuff.

Further proof of the junk removal growing is evidenced by our own franchisees year over year double digit growth. Our franchised and corporately owned units continue to grow showing that the junk removal industry is not slowing down.

Environmental awareness is also at an all time high. Many people are concerned about keeping useable items out of landfill, thinking of the planet they will leave behind for their children and grandchildren. Investing in an environmentally-friendly business like a Junkluggers franchise is capitalizing on current trends to help protect the earth.

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