A Franchise Business Opportunity For Veterans

There are hundreds of franchise opportunities for Veterans, and they all advertise themselves as ideal. But how can a Veteran determine if a franchise is truly a good fit? Start by examining the structure of the franchise itself.

Making the transition from military to civilian life isn’t always smooth. Lack of suitable career options, an unstable economy, and employers who undervalue skills gained during military service are just a few of the hurdles military families face when they reenter the workforce as civilians.

Franchise ownership offers Veterans a viable alternative to dead end, low-paying, boring jobs, allowing Vets to tailor fit careers to their skills and interests, all while taking control of their financial futures. Combined with Veteran’s discounts, franchise ownership can be an excellent path to small business ownership.

junk removal franchise business perfect for veterans

How Veterans Benefit From A Junkluggers Franchise Opportunity

Junklugger’s is proud to employ Veterans in managerial positions- Ronnie Esquivel, the Territory Manager of Westchester County and Connecticut, who previously served as a member of the 75th Ranger Regiment, 3rd Battalion; and Philip McIntire, the Office Manager in our New York City office, who has been a member of the National Guard since April 2009. Many of our individual franchisees also employ veterans in their individual businesses.

What we’ve discovered from employing Veterans is twofold: they enjoy working within our organization because our policies and procedures are structured enough to support a successful business environment, but flexible enough to allow self-efficacy. It only makes sense, therefore, that we are actively pursuing the honorable, hardworking men and women who have so bravely protected our country.

Vets skill sets and personality traits are aligned with Junkluggers core values: hardworking and honorable, team players who build morale and rapport with their employees, manage the day-to-day operations with ease, and implement corporate policies with precision and dedication. What more could we ask for in a franchise candidate?

In addition to our commitment to building our company with Veteran business owners and employees, we honor many veterans causes. In conjunction with local charities such as the Jericho Project, we aim to provide a fully furnished apartment a week to a Veteran in need (at our New York location alone). Honoring Veterans is a core value of our organization, not a marketing tactic.

We’d be honored to help you begin a new chapter in your life and career as a business owner by offering a $5,000 discount off the initial franchise fee to honorably discharged Veterans. We believe owning a Junkluggers franchise is a win-win situation for franchisee and franchisor, and sincerely hope to help you explore the next chapter in your life. Take control of your personal and financial future with a company who values everything you are: discover what it means to be a Junklugger franchisee.