Be the exception.

Young and Hungry? Own Your Own Business Fresh Out Of College

Are you:

  • Fresh outta college and ready to blaze your own path?
  • Ready to show Gen- X and the Boomers what you’re made of?
  • Focused on long-term goals?
  • Compassionate, people-oriented, and eager to learn?

When someone asks Junkluggers CEO Josh Cohen why he went to college,  “just to become a garbage man,” (it is after all one of his grandmother’s favorite questions to ask) he tells the story of Mrs. Leer. One of his first customers, the elderly Mrs. Leer would call him to her home nearly every week as she sorted through boxes of her childrens’ old toys and clothes, discarded items that she couldn’t justify keeping around any longer, but couldn’t bear to throw away. Josh quickly realized that the service he provided was more than simple garbage pickup to Mrs. Leer, and he promised her that her lifelong memories would be donated or recycled, not left to rot away in a landfill.

Do you:

  • Feel sick thinking about being stuck in an office all day?
  • Want to make your mark and help your community in a tangible way?
  • Believe hard work and the right team can take you just about anywhere?

Josh broke out of the traditional corporate post-college rut and forged his own path as a Millennial business owner, and now he’s committed to helping other young, aspiring business owners break out of the mold. A true believer in relationships, Josh is never more than a text message or a phone call away when his franchisees need help addressing day-to-day business challenges.

Can you:

  • Imagine yourself as a successful business owner?
  • See mistakes as temporary setbacks and learning experiences?
  • Bring your enthusiasm and ideas to the table because you want the entire team to succeed?

If there’s one thing we know you do well, it’s buck tradition. If you’d rather avoid the corporate grind and invest your time and money in a business that offers flexibility, freedom, and a positive impact on your community and environment, a Junkluggers franchise is perfect for you. If any of the above statements resonated with you, we believe The Junkluggers would be a great fit. Don’t wait to figure out what your future will be like; make it happen! Inquire below for more information or to begin your Junkluggers journey today.