That cubicle is not your destiny.

Ditch the cubicle and become your own boss as a Junkluggers franchise partner

Are you:

  • An experienced middle-manager who thinks outside the box?
  • Tired of staring at your cubicle or office walls every day?
  • Ready to work for yourself instead of someone else?
  • Not the kind of person who jumps in before you have all the facts?

You’ve done things the “traditional” way your entire life. Now it’s time to break out of the cubicle, ditch the routine and do things your way. Buying a Junkluggers franchise puts you in charge of not only your own business, but your life. The skills and experience you’ve gained in your corporate years will lend themselves perfectly to business ownership: you work well with a team of dedicated people, make decisions in the face of ambiguity, and share the knowledge you gain with your team.

Do you:

  • Always deliver more than what’s expected of you?
  • Believe in the value of hard work?
  • See mistakes as opportunities to learn and do a better job the next time around?
  • Work best when you believe in the work you’re doing?

The Junkluggers is a young franchise that supports your growth as an entrepreneur, and strongly believes our franchisees should have an active role in determining the future of the company.. Not only will the decisions you make as a Junkluggers franchise owner help influence the direction and goals of the company overall, but you can be proud that you’re making a positive impact on your community and the environment at the same time. By donating or recycling the majority of what we haul, The Junkluggers is building a reputation for compassion and awareness that remains unrivaled by any other junk removal business — a reputation that you and your family can be proud of.

Can you:

  • Put your problem solving skills and business acumen to work building your own future?
  • Add value to our team with your vision and ideas?
  • Be so passionate, dedicated, and hardworking that the marketplace simply can’t ignore you?

Don’t spend another day in the cube farm when you can put your considerable skills and experience to work, growing your own business and building a strong personal and financial legacy.  Make the call and do what you do best: ask the tough questions, assess the possibilities, and know you’re meant for more than resting on your laurels. We can help you get started on the path to your dream of business ownership today. Simply inquire below for more information, and we’ll be in touch!