Our Ideal Candidate


Who We’re Looking For

We love our franchisees. Watching them succeed and grow their businesses has given us a blueprint for our ideal franchise candidate.

From All Walks of Life But Sharing Core Values

Our successful franchisees come from all walks of life, different generations, and have a wide variety of backgrounds. We’ve got young professionals, MBAs, CPAs, Millennials, and semi-retired baby-boomers. Some of our franchisees forged partnerships as friends, others as family members. A few have extensive background in the franchise industry, others don’t, and a handful even worked on trucks as luggers before buying their own territories!

On the surface, our zees might look very different. But what binds them together and makes them an ideal, super-powered team are the core values they emulate.

Our franchisees and our ideal franchise candidates:

  • Care deeply about people and a job well done.

“Our commitment is to our customers and customer service, and it’s why we’ve gotten so many repeat and referred customers. We make our customers happy and comfortable.” -Current Franchisee

  • Enjoy building and motivating teams.

“I’m passionate about building a team and I’ve always made it my priority. It’s my biggest investment. You can’t do this by yourself. I have amazing guys around me because we hire quality.” – Current Franchisee

  • Believe in the Junkluggers brand and company culture.

“Junkluggers is setting the new bar for junk removal, and setting the bar for customer service. We follow up, and our standards are very high.” – Current Franchisee

  • Know business owners look out for each other and always do the right thing, even when no one’s looking.

“If I can build my business and help others who were in my shoes, knowing there’s strength in numbers, ultimately it’s a win win for everyone involved.” – Current Franchisee

  • Have a passion for protecting the environment and bettering their communities.

“I tell people we have donated enough furniture to furnish 48 three bedroom houses and kept 60 tons of material out of the landfill by recycling. We’ve kept track and we’ve got those numbers.” – Current Franchisee

  • Appreciate the value of sound business advice and established processes and procedures.

“Building a business is a big undertaking. Developing software, building branding, marketing. It would have been so difficult on our own. With a franchise, someone’s done this for you. If you’re looking to start a business, there are a lot of advantages to a franchise.” – Current Franchisee

  • Are hardworking, flexible, fun, and energetic and appreciate the same attributes of the management team.

“Steve [franchise coach] is the exact same person as he was when we first met him. I love that. He’s not selling us a bill of goods. When we met with Josh [Junkluggers CEO], we really liked him and just really felt comfortable with the whole management team. They’re a young franchise and very receptive to feedback and ideas. They know we’re all going to grow together. Our success is vital to their growth and they know we’re all in this together.” – Current Franchisee

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