An Eco-Friendly Franchise Opportunity

Junkluggers is an Eco-Friendly, Socially Conscious, Community Based Business Opportunity.

Since 2004, The Junkluggers has provided an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional junk removal for homes and businesses, saving millions of tons of junk from the landfill each year by donating usable items to local charities and recycling centers.

Our business has grown consistently since we opened our doors, and our services are in high demand. Junkluggers is the perfect answer for busy families, home, and business owners who need dependable professionals to help them clear out their unwanted household, commercial or industrial items without fuss or hassle. Let’s face it: we’ve all got lots of stuff, and not enough time to deal with it!

If you’ve ever dreamed of being your own boss, taking control of your financial future, being a respected business owner, and helping your community, then Junkluggers may be the perfect fit. We have prime territories available throughout the United States, and are actively seeking energetic, hard-working franchise partners to join the Junkluggers family.

You don’t need prior experience in the junk hauling industry to become a franchisee. We have successful franchisees from every walk of life, from finance to non-profits to politics. All you need is a passion for helping your community, building a team, and being part of the Junkluggers family, along with a strong desire to build your own profitable business and bright financial future with our top-notch training and support.

Almost all home and business owners have to tackle junk removal at some point in their lives, but few have the time or energy to tackle larger projects on their own. That’s where Junkluggers comes in: we offer a reliable, reasonably priced, environmentally friendly way for home and business owners to get rid of their stuff. Junk hauling is also a recession proof industry. When the economy is good, people move for jobs and expand their businesses and need help clearing out their excess clutter. When the economy slows down, homeowners tend to stay put and invest money in remodeling their homes, and need help cleaning up from those projects. Even better, junk hauling will never be replaced by technology! We’ll always need strong, professional help clearing out our clutter.
Our franchisees enjoy being business owners for many reasons. But one of the most satisfying parts of owning a Junkluggers franchise is having the ability to help your community. Whether by helping furnish the homes of disabled veterans; raising money for local parks and schools; or helping restore order after devastating fires or natural disasters, our franchisees derive immense satisfaction from being upstanding, contributing members of the communities where they live and work.
Eco-friendly isn’t just a buzzword for The Junkluggers, it’s a pillar our company stands on. We don’t claim we care about the environment and then haul all our loads to the dump. Unlike other junk hauling companies, we’re committed to recycling, donating, and repurposing as much of our customers’ goods as possible. That helps us make a true impact on the environment.

“We have donated enough furniture to furnish 48 three bedroom houses and kept 60 tons of material out of the landfill by recycling. Making this kind of difference is the reason I bought this franchise.”

– Joe Golio, Franchise Owner


Founded in 2004, Junkluggers is a truly environmentally focused junk hauling business opportunity that has grown into a multi-million dollar business.


Dedicated to building communities, protecting the environment, and helping individual business owners meet their personal and financial goals, the Junkluggers brand is strong and poised for continued growth. Read more about The Junkluggers History.

Franchise Fast Facts

With a low startup cost and red hot industry, there’s never been a better time to become a Junkluggers business owner.

Franchise Fast Facts

Trash is a 40 BILLION dollar industry in North America, and the need for junk hauling is on the rise. Read More about the junk removal industry

The Junkluggers Difference

When we say we’re an environmentally conscious, customer service oriented company, we mean it.

The Junkluggers Difference

Our franchisees enjoy being Junkluggers business owners because they know their work makes a difference. Read more about The Junkluggers Difference.

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Great Opportunity for Veterans


Are you a retired Veteran looking to start the next chapter in your life? A Junkluggers franchise may be the perfect fit for you. We’d be honored to help you begin a new chapter in your life and career as a local business owner by offering a $5,000 discount off the initial franchise fee to dishonorably discharged Veterans.


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